Szkolenia PDR

We invite you to individual PDR training.

We have been closely associated with PDR since 2014. 

We train on professional tools (Dentcraft, Ultradent) and our PDR SYSTEMS.

Training scope:

- learning to remove dents using the adhesive method.

- learning how to pull dents using the hook method.

- learning how to blend.

- learning how to repair stretched elements - shrinking with an Extreme Box.

- learning about quick access to repaired elements.

- we teach how to evaluate dents.

- we teach how to evaluate hailstorms.

- we help in the selection of tools.

During the individual training, you can be sure that any mistakes made during work will be immediately corrected. 

You will not wait for your turn as it is in the case of group training. 

The price of a 3-day individual training is PLN 2700 net.

During this time, you will gain theory and practice to start with.

After 1-2 months, I encourage you to come for additional training for the next 1-3 days.

Having the basics of repairing small dents, it will be easier for us to explain and learn how to remove large dents. 

We won't learn PDR in 1 week! It's impossible. 

Please contact me by phone.

+48 505 133 908

place of training: 

63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski

Olchowa 63

WE DO NOT TRAIN IN GROUPS! - 100% of the time for you!